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Mike & Angelo are very musical and very funny. With widely different backgrounds in rock, R& B, bluegrass, mime and comedy, Tim Settimi and Jerry Zalnoski have created alter egos with roots as divergent as Vaudeville and Saturday morning cartoons.

Mike & Angelo grew out of Jerry and Tim's first meeting in the recording studio during sessions for Tim's solo LP "I'm Ok." They recognized their common penchant for hot music with a sense of humor and their mutual fondness for song parodies. Tim, dispensing his in comedy clubs and colleges, and Jerry, writing and performing as "Lucky West" with musical comedian Kip Attaway. As they explored material from Spike Jones to Dr. Demento, their show took on the flavor of old time radio with appearances by singin' cowboys, film noir detectives, and the swingin'est of Louis': Armstrong, Jordan, and Prima.

Armed only with tight vocals and four strings apiece, it is music that leaves a lot of room for laughter. A lot of song, a little dance, it's rockin' tunes with baggy pants. The joy shows through in every performance of Mike & Angelo.

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